An Incomprehensible Future

“I’d like to propose the notion that our future is actually very well explored.” He stated dramatically. “The mystification of outcomes is what causes our pursuit and drive for perfection, more so than the nature of the unknown.” He continues. His tall slender body was folded awkwardly on the bench he occupied in the park. His only audience were some pigeons pecking at the bread he had left them moments before. “The very assumption we as a society make is that because it’s not a realised outcome, and that even though it’s the unknown, we somehow have control over it. I believe though that the distant future is really the only this that is shrouded in mystery and that is why we cling to it in the same way that we cling to a lotto ticket that hasn’t had the numbers yet drawn.” He explains again, he points his finger in the air as he pothisises this fact.

A couple walk past him, stare at him and then giggle as they pass his immediate presence. “It’s as if we assume that the future holds pleasant things for us so long as we earn them now. But as our history shows, this isn’t the case most of the time, for I believe many of us could think back to a time 5 or 10 years ago where we thought the same and yet not much has changed, well at least for some, others may have a different experiences, and that indeed is my point. ” Two young men skateboard past him, one yells something obscene at the man on the bench and the other laughs agreeably. They skate off immitating his finger pointed in the are and continue laughing. “But I digress” he states to his pigeon audience. One looks to him for a moment and then returns to pecking the ground.

“So to address my initial statement; I’d like to present the hypothesis that there are 3 states of future which we need to consider when “looking to the future” is the topic of discussion. I believe that the nature of the future should be represented as three seperate states, rather than just one big ball of unknown.” He rubs his chin with his hand, his bearded was dry and the skin beneath it flaky. He pays little attention to the detail in his beard, but he notices its features interacting with his fingers. He gives his head a few shakes and makes a clicking noise with his mouth. The head shakes happen a few more times, and he regains his thoughts and continues.

“For example, in my immediate future I know that the action of inhaling results in the outcome of exhaling. So, unless the unexpected occurs, I know there is a continuation present that is on going until it is not, the unexpected occurring is also always a possibility, and by it’s very nature could be considered systematically random, so an assumption is made for this occurrence and the likeliness of it. Being a 24 year old healthy male, my assumptions leads to the conclusion that the very chances of me dropping dead randomly is of quite a low risk, unless otherwise identified at that time”. He pauses for a moment to take a drink of water. His mouth was dry. He brings a bottle up to his mouth and takes a long gulp, he feels water running down his mouth and he wipes it away. Two women walk past and comment “Oh god, the poor man is drunk” as they continue their power walk past him.

“This type of future, That being the immediate, would be State 1. Subsequent to that, State 2 would be then be the notion of using historical knowledge and analytical tools such as math to determine the outcome of a chess game, or a tournament or any other systematic process which has measurable variable prior to their conclusion” A police officer approachs the man. A couple walk alongside the officer and explain “he’s been babbling for hours. The words aren’t coherent, he’s just making noises with his mouth. We think he could be on drugs, which is the reason we called you” the woman explains. The man standing beside her nods to the policeman in affirmation.

“Excuse me sir” the officer gently shakes the mans shoulder. “Have you taken any drugs recently, or are you on any medications?” the officer asks. The mans babbling continues. The officer notices the pungent smell coming off the man and makes visual note of sores across his face and arms. “It looks as though he may have been attacked recently” the officer thinks to himself. After a few attempts to communicate with the man failed the officer shakes his head. “Poor guy, it looks like he’s lost his marbles” he states to the couple beside him. He leans his head towards the radio on his shoulder and calls for help from dispatch. A confirmation of support is radioed back.

“State 3, the final segment of our future, would be the distant future. Something that we don’t know will occur, and the details surrounding its outcome are covered far too hazily for us to foresee outcomes until such time that it moves into a state of the first or second previously mentioned. These states move through the timeline of life we experience in such a nature as future present past and are on a continuum so difficult to perceive that it boggles the mind when thinking that this very moment that has just past was just before, my future and present and prior to that was a semi distant future, and prior to that was a future incomprehensible.”

The man is wheeled into an ambulance. His only bag of things collected off the park bench at his side. He attempts to resist the restrains being placed on him as the paramedics attempt to strap him down. The first door of the ambulance is closed. The couple who notified the police are standing behind the ambulance looking on. They watch as the second door of the ambulance is closed one of the paramedics standing beside his bed had sedated him. The homeless man drifts off into an induced sleep.


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